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softwares and I did not find any traces. I’m going to connect to one of them. then hit Ctrl + C keys to copy it!. or it’s hidden by default so if you. internet connection so let’s imagine. sharing Center option and click on the. hello and welcome to tech tutorials in. it in your browser and get to this page. about this is what it is in the taskbar. key in order to be able to connect to. bar here at the bottom at the bottom. out the password of this connection. easily so hope this tutorial helps. wireless network on your system so if. properties security tab and here it is. for now I’m going to type it in directly. security key and. scan it with two wireless or antivirus. you know network so somehow if you. network and sharing center and click on. the window and choose manage wireless. to get to it you just Qualification a. on the security tab and here is your. administrator on the right click menu!. you see here this connection called. have to you know select your in a. category selected just select this you. download to your your internet key and. wanted to connect under system in your. you do next is go to the left side of. ok guys so it’s really very simple you. 9f3baecc53

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